Gravel Road Gospel

Airing on TV Stations across the Nation

About Us:

Gravel Road Gospel films Southern, Country, and Bluegrass Gospel music to be aired weekly on low powered television stations throughout  the U.S.A!

Gravel Road Gospel is a 2 hour DVD compilation. It is divided into 4, 27 min programs. Each show features 1 or more Artists performing 3 or more songs.

We are currently mailing out to over 110 TV stations.  

We are based out of Hiawassee, Ga.

We film using Sony 3 chip Camcorders.

We may be able to use your  television quality DVD video for televised broadcasting! 

 If you are a group or solo artist and would like to be involved in this Outreach Ministry, Please contact us.

The artist cost for releasing on Gravel Road Gospel = $300.00 for a 26 min program  *  $150.00 for 1/2 program (13mins) or  $50.00 per song. 

Some of the States that play our programs are:

 Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,  Ohio,  Missouri,  Florida, Kentucky,Texas, West Virgina  and Virginia


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